On Ferguson

by Jonas Weaver

I’m white.

And I used to think checking that box on applications, even saying those words, wasn’t a problem anymore. Used to think that MLK had done it all for us (why the hell do we even say “us”?) in the civil rights movement. But lately, lately, it’s been waning, this grandiose idealism of a post-racial (or, at least, a non-racist) society. It started with Trayvon Martin. And it’s found it’s fullest embodiment in Michael Brown’s dead body.

And Ferguson has managed to lay bare the bones of American society. American society, synonymous with white society. Everyone, in the name of facts, wants to point out how black men are still committing violence against police, etc. And all I can say in response is, Dear God.

Today, this past week, I’m ashamed to be white. Even American. But this isn’t about me, this is about Ferguson. So, listen. Follow news. Listen to your black neighbors and friends. Follow the Twitter #Ferguson.