Murmurs and Antagonisms

Orthodoxy via Heresy

Month: May, 2014

Attack the Patriarchy

Remember this: men abandoned Jesus after the crucifixion. Women remained before the cross and while he lay in the grave. Women preached the news of his rise. Men quit on Jesus. If that’s not an indictment of patriarchy I’m not sure what is.

On Writing Culture War

The drafting of words, written, published by button click (though, if that’s how simple publication is I think we’re screwed), and sent to the bored eyes of world which has had too many click-baity titles thrown its way. People care little for what I, you, any of us have to say. On the rarest of occasions a post hits a nerve and a person is moved and maybe, hopefully, controversy is stirred. The simplicity of this system which remains inherent to the blogosphere generally insures that hitting emotional chords will always win. I’m sure studies have been done related to this but I’m convinced that short, poignant pieces on the internet make more of an impact than the best argued piece ever will. One is simple, to the point, and the other, too often, fails to understand its medium. (Again, where print and technology diverge.) ┬áMy point is, the nature of the internet and digital media makes long, extravagant articles more difficult to read than beautifully written short pieces. My point? Learn to write briefly, powerfully, and if you wish to engage in culture war make sure you understand the method(s) employed. Because, frankly, no one gives a damn about your well argued piece. All people want are beautiful, click baited titles to titillate their desire for controversy.

Too cynical? Probably so. But that’s okay since there are two options: write with understanding of the system today or write your best and forget the system. Two options, choose wisely. Or unwisely. Whichever.