The Politics of Chest Hair

by Jonas Weaver

Society sets up an absurd standard for women to meet. Whether it be a basic leggy, skinny model of beauty with perfectly toned thighs and abs meet tanned skin or the notion that a woman should shave her pubic hair, it’s all done from a male oriented/dictated ideal of beauty and what a woman should look like. However, to a lesser extent, the same goes for men. Go to any high school in America and ask any female who their favorite male celebrity is/which they find most attractive and 3/4 of the time it will be a man who has little to no chest hair, specifically. (Male pubic hair is generally seen as socially acceptable more than female pubic hair, something which I fail to grasp, quite honestly).  Why is it okay for society to ostracize a natural occurrence among men as they grow up? Look, if a guy wants to shave his hair and be clean shaven all over, go for it. But society shouldn’t posit some idea of the man that’s utterly preposterous and out of touch with reality. Most men are not clean shaven hunks. Chest hair is just as taboo as pubic hair. And both are not unnatural or wrong. And no one should feel like they need to meet some standard for their partner or society of what is or is not attractive.