Murmurs and Antagonisms

Orthodoxy via Heresy

Month: December, 2013

(Very) Brief Thoughts on Privilege and the Oppressed

1. Privilege does exist but what constitutes an inappropriate use of privilege or speaking from a point of privilege is often ambiguous and poorly defined. 

2. Privilege is not the end all be all. In fact, too often it is used in such a manner so as to shut down any further dialogue. Acknowledge that one is speaking from a privileged perspective and move on. 
3. God is not preferential to the poor/oppressed. Yes, his/her’s heart is for the poor but the precedent is clearly one of grace to all, privileged and oppressor, broken and oppressed alike. 
4. Privilege is too often spoken from those who are, shocker, privileged. 
Ergo, privilege is ambiguously/poorly defined by the privileged and hoisted onto the unprivileged/oppressed in a manner which may or may not be appropriate. 

Disbelief is Fidelity

It is not so much that I disbelieve all that is put under the banner of Christianity, my particular opiate of choice, but rather that I do not believe it enough. I have friends who believe more consistently than I and in some sense the easiest answer to why I don’t believe as they do is: they are wrong. Or, more bluntly, their version of God is wrong. But that isn’t right either. I refuse to believe consistently in some regards if only because I like to think I’m caring for others. My love for the Other demands I disbelieve that which my religion demands I believe.