On the Abuse of Truth

by Jonas Weaver

I feel bad for truth. It’s been so abused of late. And more, I feel anger at Churches. There’s this mentality that biblical faithfulness should trump all. “I want to be faithful to the bible,” and the statement which underlies that one is this, “so I’ll trumpet the biblical text from the rooftops exactly how it’s stated therein.” No, no, no. Can I say it any more clearly?

We, as Christians, tend to treat the lifestyles or actions we call sin as if they are some abstract idea/entity/thing/whatever that has taken hold of some group of people. This is where the problem lies. We, too often, tend to address the sins of people (when we also fail to have a clear, and effective definition of sin) without realizing they’re still (shocker) human. They have feelings, emotions, reactions, thoughts, desires. They feel pain. The reason why people become so outraged at Christian ideals and call us bigots is because we forget their humanness in the desire to be faithful to a book.

Last I checked Christ calls us to be gracious in our speech. He wants us to speak with truth and grace. When we fail to speak truth with grace, in some ways, we fail to speak truth at all. It becomes a clanging noise. Just empty words which we shout in the name of biblical faithfulness and, therefore, words without meaning.